Natib Qadish: Canaanite Polytheism

Yishlam le-kumu, wellbeing to you.

Natib Qadish is a polytheistic religion devoted to honoring the deities of ancient Canaan. We are a revivalist religion: we rely on historical precedent as a guide for our practices, while allowing deity-guided modern developments. In regards to history, we tend to focus on the kingdom of Ugarit, circa 1200 BCE, because it is from here that we receive much of the primary documents regarding ancient Canaanite religion. Our religion is a framework wherein we honor these deities; it is means of interacting with Them and is a system of agreements and negotiations between ourselves and our deities. Our religion, as a modern revival of an ancient religion, has been in existence since the early 2000s.

We are a polytheistic religion. This means that our religion honors the individuality, uniqueness, sovereignty, autonomy, agency, free will, and personal volition of many separate individual deities. Each deity is as individual and unique as every person, with their own identities, needs, wants, and thoughts.

We are one Canaanite polytheistic religion, we are not the whole of Canaanite religious expression, we are not the whole of polytheistic religious expression, and we are not the whole of Canaanite polytheistic religious expression.

The focus of our religion is to have good relations with our many Canaanite deities. Self-help is not the focus of our religion. Ethics is not the focus of our religion, although we do have expectations of civil behavior. History is not the focus of our religion. Politics are not the focus of our religion. These things are vitally important in their own right, and often there can be overlap here. However, although we do work on human-to-self relations and human-to-human relations, these matters are not the focus of our religion.

This site is dedicated to honoring the deities, to keeping the ways of those who honored these deities before us, and to work with our deities in establishing their ways in our modern world.