May this message greet you in good health.

On this the 15-year birthday of our religion, welcome to the new community hub for Natib Qadish. After a necessary hiatus, we have a new community home online.

May this site serve the deities and our community as a meeting point, a place of sanctuary, a place of devotion to our deities. It is a fresh start, an opportunity for us to come together in our polytheistic religion.

This site and this community is geared to attend to the Natib Qadish community first and foremost, general Canaanite polytheists secondly, general polytheists thirdly, and fourthly respectful guests. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the Intended Audience and consider where you fit here, and please also consider our Policy. Even if you are not an adherent of Natib Qadish, you can still participate in our community, provided you recognize where your needs fit within our community’s priorities and provided you remain cognizant of your role as a guest.

Be aware that the priority of our community is in worshiping the deities and supporting our community members. The priority is not in the passing curiosity of the public and we will not to be outnumbered and spoken over by outside voices in our own community. If our numbers are small, so be it; better a small, vibrant, thriving community than a bloated one with no focus, no direction, and no opportunity to get to know one another.

If you would like to join our community, please see the Contact form. Be prepared for an informal interview, and if you are invited be prepared to participate in the community. If I am to vouch for you, even as a guest, before my beloved deities whom I serve with a lifetime of devotion, and if I am to pray for you and work with you, I must get to know you first and submit your name before the deities. These are not just sentimental words or exaggeration here: I serve with a lifetime of devotion. My life and death are dedicated to Them, I honor Them and practice devotional acts several times a day every day. I have been through the Depths for Them. Their Work is why I have breath in my lungs, blood in my veins, and tears in my eyes.

To be a part of our community will take commitment on your part: a commitment to honor the deities and behave appropriately towards Them and towards other community members, a commitment to our community to uphold our priorities and standards,  a commitment to respect our ways and our traditions, and a commitment of time and resources. Our online community will take place in an online groups format, apart from the main social networks.

In our online community, I will guide you regarding our gods, our stories, our traditions, shrines, and celebrations, getting to know local spirits, how to grow as a polytheist in a world which is erasive of polytheism itself, and share with you your joys and sorrows.

On this blog, I will share news and topics of interest to our community, articles to help you grow in our ways and to help you grow as a polytheist in devotion to the deities.

Again, welcome.
May the Deities guide, guard, and bless you,
Tess Dawson

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