A condensed timeline of our religion in the 20th and 21st centuries of the Common Era:

2018 April 18: Rite
Tess Dawson holds a rite for Eshmun in Vermont

2016 April 24: Online
Tess Dawson closes Natib Qadish Facebook group and the Natib Qadish (formerly “CanaanitePaganism”) Yahoo! Group closed around this time as well. Tess Dawson also closes Natib Qadish website around this time as well.

2016 April 13-14: Temple
Closure of Tess Dawson’s Temple for Rashap in Massachusetts; Temple remains converted into traveling shrine

2013 October 10: Rite
Tess Dawson leads Marzichu in New York

2013: Event
Silent July, polytheists from many different backgrounds went silent from online activities in July to protest the erasure of polytheism

2013 April 8: Book Release
The Horned Altar: Rediscovering and Rekindling Canaanite Magic, by Tess Dawson, Published by Llewellyn Worldwide

2012 April 13-20th: Temple
Tess Dawson forms a private Temple for Rashap in Massachusetts

2011 July 27: Book Release
Anointed: A Devotional Anthology for the Deities of the Near and Middle East. Edited by Tess Dawson, Published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina
(general Near Eastern and Middle Eastern polytheism)

2010 November: Blog Launch
Tess Dawson’s blog Kinahnu

2009 November 7: Book Signing
For Whisper of Stone in Connecticut

2009 November 15: Workshop, Ritual, and Book Signing
For Whisper of Stone in Chicago

2009 September 10: Online
Tess Dawson starts Date Palm Forum also started on Facebook groups, is defunct by 2013 (There were two Date Palm Forums, one on Yahoo! Groups, one on FB groups, and there was an FB page, too at one point. These groups were for general Near Eastern and Middle Eastern polytheism)

2009 July 31: Book Release
Whisper of Stone: Natib Qadish, Modern Canaanite Religion published by O-Books

2009 June 5: Online
Canaanites group on Facebook started by Alex Rakia
(focus on Canaanite religion, not Natib Qadish specific)

2009 May: Online
Geocities webhosting goes defunct, May 6, 2009. Mathbatu and Qadash Kinahnu move to new web addresses.
(These websites focused on Canaanite religion)

2009 May 1: Article
Just Deserts: Pagan Sacrifice in a Modern Age in Pentacle Magazine, article written by Tess Dawson
(Focus on Canaanite, Near Eastern, Pagan, polytheist)

2009 December 23: Article
Middle East Peace Meditation in Circle Magazine, article written by Tess Dawson
(Focus on Canaanite-themed spirituality)

2008 October 22: Article
Chariot of the Sun in SageWoman Magazine, #75: Surrendering and Awakening.
(Focus on Canaanite-themed spirituality)

2009 May 19: Rite
Chudthu, New Moon Ritual at a Unitarian Universalist church in Washington.

2007 March 24: Presentation
Presentation on Canaanite religion at Gaia’s Awakening Faire at a Unitarian Universalist Church in Washington.
(Canaanite religion focus and Natib Qadish specific)

2009 March 19: Online
Tess Dawson forms Date Palm Forum on Yahoo! Groups.
(general Near Eastern and Middle Eastern polytheism)

2009: Online
Umatu-wa-Marzichu ends sometime in 2009

2006 June: Article
Tess Dawson’s article Natib Qadish: Rediscovering the Gods of Canaan , in issue #44 of PanGaia magazine.

2005 September: Blog Launch
OpenHands webpage Mathbatu: A Canaanite Polytheist’s Blog, with a personal emphasis, is online.
(focus on Canaanite religion and on Natib Qadish)

2005 April 27: Online
Tess Dawson’s website Natib Qadish: Canaanite Polytheism, went online under the domain natibqadish.org, after having been conceived 8 April

2004 November 1: Rite
Umatu-wa-Marzichu, a Yahoo group, holds second Marzichu, online
(Canaanite religion focus)

2004 September: Online
Loreley’s Canaanite webpage, Her Circles, with a Hebrew-Canaanite emphasis, is online. Website is defunct by around 2008
(Hebrew-Canaanite religion)

2004 August: Online
Tess Dawson forms Natib Qadish Webring for Canaanite and Ancient Near East Polytheism. Webring is no longer run by Tess Dawson, as of circa 2010-2011 CE

23 February 2004: Online
Tess Dawson forms Umatu-wa-Marzichu, an online Yahoo Group created for online gatherings and rituals. This marzichu is conducted online

2003 June 12: Tess Dawson suggests the phrase “Natabtu Qodesh” for Canaanite polytheism; she has since changed it to “Natib Qadish.” See post #293 CanaanitePaganism Yahoo Group.
This is arguably the “birthday” of Natib Qadish as a religion.

2003 Summer: Article
Tess Dawson wrote an article on Canaanite Religion that was published in the local Chicago periodical Phantom Immortality.
(Canaanite religion specific)

2002 August 30: Online
Tess Dawson forms CanaanitePaganism Yahoo Group.
(focus on Canaanite polytheism and Paganism)

2002-2004 and 2009: Group
Coffee in Canaan group Tess Dawson organized and led met in various places from Chicago to New England; this was a bi-monthly group which got together to talk about various topics including Canaanite religion.
(general Pagan and metaphysical, but with occasional Canaanite religion slant)

Circa 2000-2001: Online
Levant-Pagan Yahoo Group no longer active
(general Near Eastern Paganism)

1998 December: Event
Tess Dawson becomes a Canaanite polytheist after an experience in prayer.
(Canaanite religion and Natib Qadish specific)

1997: Online
Lilinah Biti-Anat forms the Levant-Pagan Yahoo Group.
Lilinah Biti-Anat creates the Qadash Kinahnu website
(Canaanite religion, also Qadash Kinahnu specific; these are influencing factors but they are not Natib Qadish)

Circa mid-1990s: Group
Lilinah Biti-Anat and friends form a small group and practice Canaanite-Phoenician Pagan rituals together on the U.S. west coast.
(Canaanite religion, also Qadash Kinahnu specific, not Natib Qadish)

1990s: Rites? Groups?
Lilinah Biti-Anat, incorporates Jewish elements into Canaanite-Phoenician style rituals. Since the mid-1980’s Lilinah has been incorporating some Jewish, Hebrew, Phoenician, and Canaanite elements to her practices
(general Canaanite, Phoenician, Israelite, Hebrew, and Jewish)

1990s, mid-to-late 1990s: Online
At some point in the mid-to late 1990s, there was an online group The Jewish American Pagan List and that is where people interested in Near Eastern Paganism and polytheism sometimes ended up despite not being Jewish. This may pre-date Lilinah Biti-Anat’s website and group.
(Jewish Pagan specific, with some general Near East religion discussion)

Circa July, 1931: Rediscovery
Ugaritic tablets beginning to be deciphered and translated, through the work of C. Virolleaud, E. Dhorme, and H. Bauer. Scholars continue to make strides in translating and understanding the Ugaritic language and the Ugaritic cuneiform tablets.

May 14, 1929: Rediscovery
First cuneiform tablets at city of Ugarit excavated. The corpus of tablets eventually discovered and translated include the Epic of Ba’al Hadad, the tale of King Kirta, The Birth of the Gracious Gods, Choranu and the Mare, the tale of Aqhat, and others. Many of our primary sources for the tales of our deities come from these texts.

April 2, 1929: Excavations
Claude Schaeffer begins excavations of Ugarit.
This event later forms the basis for the modern Natib Qadish holiday of Rediscovery Day.

Early March, 1928: Rediscovery
Farmer Mahmoud Mella az-Zir stumbles on site of ancient city of Ugarit in southern Syria. In Natib Qadish, our calendar of the modern era counts 1928 as the first year in our calendar.